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One Month Album


These albums are a result of  a collaboration with artist and musician Mark Howes, a member of the Norwich Art Rock band the Neutrinos and Klang house.  

The ethos of the one Month Album is  that all the material is to be written and recorded in a given month.


The first album recorded in May 2019 is called Wabi Sabi inspired from from Japanese aesthetics meaning the acceptance of transience and imperfection. 


The Second, recorded in October 2019.

Future Sings was  largely created from improvising in the studio for a day and then a further two days embellishing what we had devised together and some individual tinkering here and there.
For us the process of writing an album in a month is about generating ideas. It has been a lot of fun and a springboard into taking different directions in the music we make.


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