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U turn and editing nightmares.

I have made a U-turn on my editing software choice. This was based on my frustration of trying to use Davinci Resolve video editing software and not finding it intuitive to use at all. After a conversation with another film maker about my dilemma of upgrading my operating system mid project, he suggested that I upgrade and use Final Cut Pro on a trial version.

The rationale :

  • It works seamlessly with logic.

  • I have a new AD interface so unsupported drivers were not an issue

  • I have used Final Cut Pro before

  • I have a bet and braces back up system and one you can directly reboot from if things go very badly wrong

  • I am on a deadline

So once examined in this light it was the fear of the upgrade that was the barrier.

I have upgraded to big Sir OS and so far without any problem.

The nightmares in editing that I have experienced was in a film that I made last week with acapella singing. This was to do with pitch drift and monitoring. This was down to not having access to in-ear monitoring for all the singers and a mistake I made with the guide tempo track to a click which was in my ears.

A valiant rescue attempt was made with polyphonic pitch correction in Melodyne, but this was not viable time wise. 6 singers in three part harmony, 10 takes, all descending gently in relative pitch would be a painstaking repair job. This would be hugely time consuming when on such a tight schedule.

I have made a pragmatic decision to simply use the best take as it is which is a binaural recording with stationary singers in one position. This will be vision mixed as apposed to simultaneous audio and visual mixing . This compromise saves me from entering a melodyne rabbit hole.

More positive progress is being made in other areas, with completion of 7 film vignettes so far and the dialogue beginning to shape up into a more cohesive vehicle to hold the piece together. I have found that using pen and paper is much more helpful in story boarding and in creating dialogue. Making a conscious effort to move away from the computer screen has been helpful and seems to generate more ideas.

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