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Tech fail

The image above is chosen purely because it made me laugh after a trying day.

This morning I reviewed the edit of the complete film, and took the opportunity to listen though the sennheiser radio headsets to check that the latest dialogue edits sounded ok and there was less radio frequency noise than before. Crushingly this was not the case and they actually sounded worse, the whole thing did.

The issue may be that I don't have the original power adapter for the transmitter base unit. Other possible things to trouble shoot are electrical interference from other electrical stuff in my studio. Trying it in different plug sockets around my house. to see if that changes anything. A ground loop although it doesn't sound like a hum, more of a hiss.

I have ordered an original sennheiser power adapter as a back up incase my friend Paul from Laboratory Media kindly searches for the original one.

This is obviously really stressful with only three days before assembling the installation. I looked into the possibility of hiring a silent disco set up but there is no availability at such short notice. I can't afford that anyway so maybe its just as well.

I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't address this sooner.

Another possible plan B is to use a wired headphone set up if the radio transmitter fails to cut the mustard. Not ideal but I would rather have better quality audio than the novelty of wireless headphones.

I'm tired, stressed and now hangry. I'm off for some food.

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