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Recreating the sound of a children's choir without any actual children.

One of the things I wanted to include in the film is recreating a musical moment that I had as a child. Being surrounded by four school choirs singing in a round and experiencing what that sounded like for the first time aged around eight or nine.

As it is impossible to record a school choir during the pandemic I set myself the challenge of achieving this using adult voices and changing the key and formant of the voices. By duplicating the individual tracks multiple times. This enabled me to create the round in post production.

This was recorded at the end of the video shoot for the Georgian Song.

Each of the six adult voices were recorded using the Binaural head and each sang one verse of the song.

At the time I wasn't too worried about getting video footage of this because it was just something I thought about exploring. I didn't think it would be possible to do very easily. Since working on the Audio and compiling a video, I realised that I was short of any meaningful images and have since asked the singers to individually record on their phones and send me photographs of their younger selves to include in the film. I want to find a way of crossfading the original audio of us singing together into the "children's Voices."

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