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The starting point and germinating ideas

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This idea is based in part on the intimacy of listening to music on headphones and that for a lot of people during the pandemic years of 2020-2021 the time spent looking into screened shaped objects has radically increased. I am interested in the idea of projecting images onto objects that are not shaped like screens but act as screens, creating an immersive environment that can be walked though while wearing headphones to capture simultaneous binaural recordings and film footage. The footage will included some elements of 360-degree film footage music and dialogue.

The intention is to provide an experience of going to an event, something more like a gallery installation rather than something that could be viewed online. Although this is not a live music event, it has the potential to be adapted to include live elements. An important question for me as an artist within the context of Covid 19, is how can I adapt my practice and reach audiences? This project is a practical experiment in trying to answer that question, and perhaps might also fulfil a need for audiences attending events in person or in small groups, as we individually negotiate our own paths coming out of lockdown.

The precise theme of the project is still in development. I have a number of ideas and as yet have not settled on one.

The technical aspects of the project are multi-faceted and will involve research and development in the following areas:

· Sound Design

· Recording binaural audio and syncing with film

· Binaural audio recording using an adapted dummy head

· Binaural mixing in logic

· Blue tooth transmission to multiple headphones

· Projectors and best materials to project on

· 360-degree video cameras and filming techniques

· Filming with a binaural headset simultaneously

· Film editing

So I have an ambitious plan and typically hundreds of disparate ideas about the theme and narrative ark of the film. In the mean time I am recording with the binaural head set and dummy head who is called Jane. Why Jane? Long story...

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