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Planning is everything...

While I have been working alone I have had the luxury of experimenting with capturing sound with the plans being only in my head. For the Georgian song sequence, I teamed up with Dan Nyman who is an experienced ex TV producer. Dan agreed to operate the cameras. Which was a relief as I was capturing the audio, directing, and also one of the singers.

I have been planning capturing the Audio of six singers and filming at the same time.

I have plotted out diagrams the formations of the singers around the Binaural head so that Dan and I are both clear on what we are doing and I can communicate clearly to the singers who have generously volunteered their time.

The set up


Audio Set up: Jane Head with Ambeo headset connected Meta wav recorder app on the iPhone.

Power bank for charges between takes if necessary

Zoom stereo recorder on the tripod behind.

Go pro Camera 1 on an adapted boom mic stand with an adjustable GoPro arm attachment.

Go Pro Camera 2 in tripod and hand held.

Lighting 4 LED stage lighting cans.

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