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More projection experiments

Although I am keenly aware that the focus of this project is audio, as it is an Audio Visual instillation, how it looks is also important.

My earlier experiments with projections were using the garden weed suppressant material. This time I added ultra thin plastic decorators dust sheets and a selection of drums. I have used a first edit of the video to project and hooked up blue tooth speakers to hear the audio from the film.

The conclusion that I have drawn is that projection on to the black material is only really effective when there is high colour and contrast definition in the video.

I am going to change tack and experiment with white material and drums with an opaque skin.

The intention of the planned four day residency at Norwich Puppet Theatre is to take time to experiment with the installation in the space and work out the logistics of how to run showings with the seven available headsets for very small audiences.

However I don't want to leave all of the experimentation until then. Having an idea what works and what does not is very helpful at this stage.

My focus for next week is on finishing the existing and outstanding audio.

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