New singing groups coming to Norwich soon

New daytime groups in Norwich January 2019

I really believe that singing is what keeps me sane in an ever busy and confusing world.  I'm fortunate to have come from a family that music and singing were second nature. 

I am really grateful for that experience because I meet so many people in my working life that have been shut down by teachers or relatives and told they can not sing. It is such a personal attack as our voices are so much about who we are as people. Sometimes a negative experience at school can last decades and can form a part of someones false non musical identity.

One of the greatest pleasures in my work is seeing people gain in confidence and feel confident about their singing abilities.

Here is what Stephanie from Joyful Voices says about this:

"I am so glad I came along that first time to sing with you. I was told at primary school that I couldn't be in the choir and I always assumed I couldn't sing. You helped me feel more confident about my voice, and gave me back the joy of singing. I always leave choir nights on a high, and as an unexpected bonus , I am breathing much more easily too (a real plus for a wheelchair user)"

​The new groups will be starting in January 2019

To Join you can join the already established group for Women called Sing Wednesday that runs on Wednesday mornings at the 1st Sea Scout HQ in Old Lakenham Norwich.


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