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Last Minute Filming and Sound Design

The week before the Residency I was finishing the edits of the dialogue and deciding to add a few finishing touches to the binaural sound design. There was a scene that started filming in my garden shed and it was something that I had done in a hurry in a very messy shed. It looked more like Shedmageddon than the orderly tool shed of my dreams. A lot of jobs around the house and garden have been on hold during my studies this year.

I decided to re film the scene and add in some extra sound design as I had discovered that there were quite a few bees around the outside of the shed. I'm glad that I spent the time recording the bees. I felt that it was worth it.

Preparing for the residency took quite a long time to pack everything and to check and double check that I had everything. I employed the use of a kit list to ensure that I tool every thing I needed and to avoid leaving anything behind.

The whole Installation fits into the back of my car with the seats folded down, I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough hoops and screen like objects to fill the stage. I need not have worried as there was more than enough to look at.

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