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It's all in the edit.

Editing considerations

It has become apparent the logic pro X does not allow for editing more than one film at a time. I am placed in a quandary because of this. Do I learn a new piece of free software called Davinci Resolve. It is more "pro" style editing with a Fairlight section for audio editing. I have however read some bad reviews for the multiple times that it crashes. Or do I get a trial version of Final Cut Pro which I have used before but involves me having to do a OS update to download it. I am slightly fearful of doing this as I have been burned before by hardware not having the drivers for the new OS. I have also be warned not to do this mid project, as a general rule. After weighing it up and talking to Ed a film maker from Norwich Live-Streaming who says he loves Davinci Resolve, I have decided to learn how to use it. This fits more into my project ethos of using affordable and accessible technology.

Capturing audio and filming with a GoPro Mouth Mount.

This sequence was filmed at home and involved filming my feet walking. I used the a mouth mount for the camera, which is not a very comfortable experience as you have to bite down on a mouth guard to hold it in place. In order to the right shot involved crouching while walking around. Wearing the ambeo headset to capture the sound of my foot steps walking on different surfaces. This was not a pretty site and thankfully I was in the privacy of my own garden whilst filming. The Captured sound will be blended with music I have written for the film vignette.

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