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Editing Dialogue, Ambient Sound and Video

It was important to me that is sounded natural and unscripted, the zoom call was an hour long session, improvised around themes of the scenes. This resulting in a lot of material requiring ruthless editing. I spent the weekend editing the dialogue into bitesize chunks.These have since been edited down again to avoid the film becoming too long and meandering for the sake of it.

As the dialogue has extended the timeline in Final Cut Pro, I needed to think about the images that I used during the dialogue. The two characters are just voices and are not seen in the video.

The quality of the recording on the Zoom call is slightly compromised by it being on Zoom and forgetting to use my lavalier mic whilst recording the call.

My dialogue sounds quite boxy and I have tried to solve this by using EQ to take out the mid range frequencies and using logics exciter plugin. This is not an issue with Su's dialogue because I have filtered her voice using EQ to sound as if she is talking through a telephone.

Because of the quality of some of the dialogue I have decided to re record some of it using the Ambeo headset which will also pick up the room ambience and therefore will hopefully solve the radio frequency noise issue during dialogue.

I took the opportunity of having the house to myself to record extra video of the places I was supposed to be in during the calls. The kitchen and the garden were good places for this.

Yesterday the first full edit of the film was completed. I am going to give my ears a rest for a day, and turn my attention to updating the report before I listen to it again.

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