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Binaural recording at the hairdressers

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

I had an appointment at the hairdressers and thought that it might be a good opportunity to record how it sounds as your hair is being cut. Fortunately I know my hairdresser quite well and he was happy for me to make a recording.

This has sparked a whole new strand of work which has started as audio from the haircut and ended up as another vignette. This time the audio has completely informed what the video will be. which the video will be made around the audio. This piece has developed and I have added dialogue recorded using the binaural headset along with ambient captured sound in my house and neighbourhood. I have filtered an original track to sound as is it is being played on the radio and then it fades in to a full binaural remix of a track that I submitted as part of the library music project.

I think that adding more ambient sound during the dialogue will help in making the piece more cohesive. The distant sounds of my neighbourhood are effective in adding more texture and a further dimension in creating an immersive and spacial sound.

The narrative ark continues to evolve as I am making more recordings and videos. This way of working suits me as a solo project. I do acknowledge that this could be a challenging way of working if I were collaborating with others.

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