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Adventures with Bird Song & Trains

I found myself in the highlands of Scotland for a work gig recently. It was an extremely long commute but I took the opportunity to use my Ambisonic Binaural headset and capture some field recording . I set out uber early one morning to catch the bird song before people and traffic emerged and ruined it. I was staying by the coast and the scene was utterly stunning as the sun was not long up, and the birds were in full flow. As the audio in the video clip below in recorded binaurally, which can only be fully appreciated in headphones.

One of the things I want to experiment with is slowing down the audio of the bird song to see if i can pick out parts of the tune that a human might be able to sing. Here is a video showing some of my experiments using Pauls time stretch freeware.

A work in progress...

The train journey also provided some opportunities for sound and vision especially when the scenery got more hilly and interesting. One of the things that I have noticed about myself as I am getting older, is that I am much less self conscious. I strapped a go pro on my head during the journey, to try to capture the scenery whilst recording the audio of the sound inside the train on the binaural headset.

It's not a great look....

I'm still sifting through audio files to find something that I want to use.

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