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A Sound Investment

Updated: Mar 26, 2022


"Innovative and Awesome" Pete Murdoch

"The shape of the piece where you build up getting ideas and sounds and then hear this incredible song tiny box. (Which was really emotional and incredible ...I wanna hear it again)

The resolve is great because it turns out all that work and worry and randomness comes together as a complete thing.

How to be relevant is the theme we are all thinking about anyway

The curtains I liked, then my eyes felt weird but I looked at the flat things sometimes and as an audience member I just had to find my way and create my choices of what to focus on. Also allowed me to listen to the music and sound more.

Loved it, it was so random and so clear" Kimberley Moore

"It occurred to me later that it made me feel nostalgia for my childhood and ,maybe that's because it amplifies the quiet background noises that I might not hear of notice now. I loved hearing a fly buzzing and the fade in of external house speakers worked really well to gently bring us back into the space. The fragmented set, film and audio worked well because of the slow pace which gave us time to scan the surfaces for something we though related to the audio. I think everyone watched a different film. I had to ask afterwards how long it ran for because I lost all track of time." Paul Weston

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