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The Story Of Things

This is the latest multimedia collaboration between Mary Lovett and Ben Futter from Fantastic Fabrications. The Story of Things is an invitation to play with a curious machine the like of which has never been seen before.


Mary continues her fascination with the piano and the special place it occupies for playfulness, memories and meaning.


Come and play for a 20 minute journey and experience the sound design through wireless headphones.

This will be shown again at Yarmonics Sonic Arts Festival in Yarmouth September 2022. 

A Sound  Investment

A Sound investment is a 40 minute immersive video installation with binaural sound design that the Audience experience through wireless headphones. It was first screened during a four day residency at Norwich Puppet Theatre in 2021. 

There is an accompanying blog about the ups and downs of creating this piece as a final major project for the Masters Course. 

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