Membership Fees

Membership to all the daytime singing groups works as follows:

The terms are planned to be 42 weeks of delivery.

Fees are paid by monthly standing order by members

£24.60 per month. This works out at £7.02 per session.  Fantastic Value I'm sure you will agree.


This works out cheaper than the drop in rate of £9.00 payable on the day that you come.


The reason there are two ways of paying is because sometimes it is difficult for people to make every single session but it is certainly easier to run a group when there are regular members and wherever possible it is preferable for people to pay on a monthly basis.

What you get for your Money:

Two hours of Joyful singing with an experienced and light hearted leader.  Sometimes challenging songs but never dull. 

The added health benefits of singing with others which include improved immune system and intercostal muscle workout and a decent cup of coffee.

Any queries do get in touch

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