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Lowestoft Folk

An intergenerational project with Roman Hill Primary School children and residents from Britten Court care home in Lowestoft. This project was run by Suffolk Artlink and it was based around the collection at Lowestoft Maritime Museum.  A mixture of  artists from different art forms all joined together to facilitate this project. Kate Munroe and Caitlin Howes visual artists. Lynn Whitehead. Theatre maker and Story Teller and a Musician (me) all facilitated this project with some rather wonderful children and adults from Lowestoft.  Some truly magical things happened by making connections with the heritage of lowestoft and connecting to  people who remembered it first hand. So much gained from both children and adults alike.

“I thought, as an old man, I had nothing left to offer – but this has shown me that I was wrong, I can still offer things of interest. Thank you.” Britten Court resident

Big thanks to Candida Wingate as a wonderful project manager, Kate Monroe and Caitlin Howes and to Amanda Potter who is an exceptional volunteer for Suffolk Artlink.

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